Our project is about smart shoes
for the elderly population

The shoes we have designed help the eldelry in their every day life
by helping them wear shoes like they used to.

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Our user are the elderly with limited mobility

Limited dexterity, reduced mobility and deteriorating health prevents them from using proper shoes that would provide them support and security without arduous effort.

Our product is TALARIA

It automates the shoe wearing experience

This is a product of the ME310 course

It's been developed using the Design Thinking method by a combination of Aalto University and Stanford University students

A real Smart Shoe

Our solution epitomizes a smart shoe - integrating both microcontrollers and clever mechanical solutions.

The functions of the shoe are presented below

The functions are developed on based on extensive user testing - you can learn more about the prototypes that were used to test these methods on the Prototypes page.

  • Automated lacing system

    Balance and foot security is brought to the user by tightening the shoes on their feet. It is very hard or impossible to operate laces or similar closing systems with limited mobility, increasing the risk of falling which is one of the biggest health risks for the elderly. The automated lacing system of Talaria secures the feet without the use of hands and releases the laces when you leave the shoe.

  • Anti slippery outsole

    In order to further prevent falls within the elderly Talaria is equipped with anti slippery outsole to prevent falling due to slipping.

  • Hands free tightness adjustment

    The automated lacing systems secures the shoe, but at some users prefer adjusting the tightness to their preference. Talaria's tightness can be adjusted with intuitive feet gestures, derived from the observations from the users' behaviour.

  • Wireless charging

    Clearly Talaria needs electricity to function. The Talaria Charging Dock was developed to be intuitive to use and a reliable way to align the wireless charging transmitter and receiver.

  • Optimal profile

    The majority of the elderly need roughly three centimetres of heel to enable correct hip position and feet support. The profile of Talaria is built with these principles for the best user experience possible.

This is our product

Use the buttons on the left or the menu to learn about the prototypes behind the product or the team responsible for the creation of Talaria.